Written & Published on March 23, 2017, by Ritu Reddy - Experienced Trainer & Assessor | Founder of Inspire & Learn Pty. Ltd. RTO 45125

It was not until my job got redundant that I realized I needed a change. Having a pre-schooler entering school and another child starting day care, I knew that I wanted a career that would allow me to spend time with them yet still make professional advancements.

I realized that I had a passion for helping my children work through obstacles that they faced in school. I recall one instance where my son came home from kindergarten and complained that he didn’t have any friends and would never go back to it again.

As a mother, I was confused in the support I could provide to help him assimilate into his new environment. I came up with the idea to help him create an art book that his preschool friends could draw in and that would help him initiate friendships.

This idea was welcomed by the teachers and it was an outstanding and worthwhile way to make him love his kinder program. Through instances like these, I realized that my true passion lay in working with children and their families.

Entering into the field of Early Childhood gave me a better insight into child development, a subject that I had keen interest in as I watched my own children grow. With great mentors, I was able to derive from them positive energy and confidence about my decision. Each discussion with fellow educational leaders was a valuable tool in building positive learning outcomes for children that I worked with. The opportunity of working as an Educator helped me draw from my experiences as a mother to serve the children & families in my local community. And the best part was that I could continue to be close to my family. Perseverance played a great role in fueling my motivation each morning before heading to work. Here were stressful times when my work became more intellectually, physically, and emotionally challenging than I had expected. Playing with children was an excellent source of therapy. The beautiful and innocent smiles that I received during meaningful conversations with children were what made my work worth it and allowed me to focus on the opportunities available.

Today, I take great pride in my decision for a career change to Early Childhood Education. Although my path to a career change took courage and involved uncertainty, I was able to obtain a rewarding career that allowed me to express my passion for working with children.

My specific job focuses on the play-based aspect of Early Childhood Education. For example, through Lego's and train sets, the children are given the chance to learn mathematics concepts such as shape, symmetry and geometry. This child-oriented field allows me to collaborate among children and assist them with activities that ignite their imagination and develop their creativity. Being an Early Childhood specialist has allowed me to shape young minds that will contribute to a stronger community and a beautiful nation.

Why not make a decision today and take a career change on what you are good at? Make your passion your profession!