"For what reason am I not getting a higher score in my CAE Writing test despite the fact that I commit not many errors?" This can be a typical protest from Cambridge Advanced understudies when you find that you are not getting such great stamps in the Writing paper. Indeed, how might you improve marks?

As a matter of first importance, obviously, you'll need to rehearse. Nonetheless, while considering and rehearsing there are some specific zones and angles that you should concentrate on the off chance that you are going to push on to get a higher score.  You can also get help from practice tests cambridge .Here are a few hints that we prescribe to our understudies while getting ready for the Cambridge Advanced test at Atlas.

1. Improve your composition with the Grammarly application.
It's all to state 'careful discipline brings about promising results', however who would you be able to get the opportunity to address your compositions to ensure you are doing them accurately? All things considered, there are numerous extremely valuable online assets that can assist you with improving your English and show signs of improvement score in the Cambridge Advanced test. One of the applications we love at Atlas is Grammarly. Grammarly is a google chrome expansion that screens your composition and investigations your missteps as you compose. It likewise gives you proposals for why you've committed the error and records your blunders in a journal for future reference. You can download the application by heading off to the site here: www.grammarly.com.


Grammarly can be an extremely valuable apparatus to assist you with adapting self-sufficiently, particularly when you can't find support from your educator to address all your training works. On the off chance that you get into this application, the main drawback is that you'll need to pay for the superior adaptation! Be that as it may, it comes enthusiastically suggested. Do exploit this extraordinary apparatus.

2. Realize what each composing expects you to do.
Things being what they are, what amount do you really think about the Cambridge Advanced test? Regardless of whether you are a solid author however you go into the test with no past experience or information about how to finish every one of the composing errands, you will unquestionably experience issues.

There are five sorts of composing question on the Writing paper:


You should do two of the composing questions. Everybody needs to compose a paper with a rambling center, yet you at that point have a decision of a letter (formal or casual), a report, a proposition or a survey.

Each kind of composing is special and has its own style, tone and language. It's extremely significant that you get these right! For instance, a survey ought to have an increasingly loosened up conversational tone, while a letter of grumbling ought to be formal. It's basic to comprehend the contrasts between each sort of composing.

One other point that you should consider is your utilization of practical language. You might be approached to utilize convincing language or language of disappointment, so ensure you go into the test mindful of what is commonly required in every one of the compositions.

You get set apart on different things – Content (you've addressed the inquiry in full), Communicative Achievement (utilizing the right composing highlights and sort of language), Organization (right paragraphing and utilization of linkers) and Language (range and exactness of jargon and sentence structure).

Once more, it is important that you comprehend the significance of every one of the four appraisal models, and how to augment your imprints for every one. For instance, on the off chance that you don't separate between the assignment types effectively, you will lose focuses on Communicative Achievement. With only a little planning this ought to be the most effortless territory where you can get focuses in the composing test.

3. Record your mistakes and revamp your answers!
For what reason do a few understudies dread the Writing paper? One explanation can be on the grounds that as an understudy you have an obvious record of your blunders! Yet, making blunders and gaining from them is a significant piece of the language learning process.

A decent method to exploit this is to keep a set up account of your errors, particularly botches that you are continually rehashing, and gain from them. On the off chance that you are experiencing issues with "ing" words, for instance, at that point record the blunder that you made, what the remedy was, and make a note of the purpose for it. You would then be able to modify this later and test yourself on your own slip-ups.

With papers and articles that you turn in, another incredible proposal is to take a gander at your educator's criticism, consider how you could change the association and language you use to improve it, and afterward revamp your answer without any preparation accepting your instructor's input.

4. Gain proficiency with your equivalent words and their disparities.
Despite the fact that a few understudies compose precisely with no spelling botches, one thing that you may keep on experiencing issues with is utilizing a wide scope of language.

You should ensure that you are well-outfitted with a bank of equivalent words identifying with various subjects and can communicate certain things utilizing various articulations. For instance, figure out how to approach somebody for data in various manners – e.g., 'I was thinking about whether you could let me know… ', 'Might you be able to inform me as to whether… ', 'do you have any data about… .'.

This will make your language more extravagant and will surely pick up you additional imprints. Be that as it may, as you are learning equivalent words, do make sure to concentrate on the little and noteworthy contrasts in significance and use between equivalent words. By method of model, how about we view the sentences underneath:

Since she won the lotto she is totally stacked.

That family toward the finish of the road are very wealthy.

He originates from a significant wealthy foundation.

Gracious, I'd love to be ridiculously wealthy.

Things being what they are, what are they all equivalent words of? 'Rich', obviously! Be that as it may, can we as a whole use them similarly? No, we can't. Which one we use will rely upon the specific situation. For instance:

Stacked is the casual utilization of rich

Wealthy means that they are rich as well as in a decent circumstance.

Rich will in general be utilized officially and is somehow or another a good old word.

Ridiculously wealthy is a piece of a casual collocation that implies extremely rich.

As should be obvious from these equivalent words, it is significant for you to value the distinctions in importance between equivalents. Ensure you have them clear in your psyche before you use them!

5. Learn lumps of language.
What are lumps of language, you state? Pieces are words that usually go together i.e., 'I anticipate meeting you'. 'Kind respects', 'a persuading contention'. Learning pieces of language for each kind of composing can truly set you up with a bank of jargon that you will requirement for the test. It's likewise important that these can likewise come as collocations (these are gatherings of words that normally go together).

At the point when you go over new collocations, concentrate all the more profoundly and attempt to interface the fundamental action word with different words to think of different collocations that you know about and could utilize.

An extraordinary method to learn pieces and collocations is by utilizing cheat sheets. You can make these yourself at home. There are additionally numerous online assets that can support you. One site that you could likewise is Quizlet. Snap the connections underneath and begin testing yourself now and your language will create in the blink of an eye.

You'll see that Quizlet is a free report instrument that permits you to make electronic cheat sheets that you can access on your PC or any cell phone, for example, your telephone. The cheat sheets show the terms, and you can 'snap to turn' to move to and fro between the term and definition. Straightforward bolt keys can be utilized to move to the following term. From this beginning stage there are different games and fun tests you can do to assist you with learning these new jargon things.

These, at that point, are our main five hints to assist you with improving your composition and show signs of improvement checks in the Advanced Writing paper? Tell us what works for you as you push on to get a higher score.

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